Committee Members

The club members takes this opportunity to thank the previous committee for the time and effort they gave to the club over the past year.

Office Filled by Call sign Telephone No
Technical Advisor Berridge Emmett ZS6BFL 011-893-1291
Secretary / Treasurer Berridge Emmett ZS6BFL 011-893-1291
Shacknews Editor Berridge Emmett ZS6BFL 011-893-1291
Shacknews-Print & Posting Harry Lautenbach ZS6LT 011-888-5362

The following are involved with the relays: Berridge ZS6BFL and Dick ZS6RO.

Relay By Call sign
2m to HF Berridge Emmett ZS6BFL
80M & 30M (seasonal) Dick Stratford ZS6RO

OTHER CONTACT INFORMATION Sunday morning bulletins: 145.7875 MHz, 7062 KHz & 3662 MHz @ 08:45 CAT. See the Bulletin notice board for more information.
E-MAIL:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.